Peeqr is a platform that aims to allow brands, product owners, influencers, and content creators to benefit from live streaming.

Peeqr is now in Beta!

Many exciting new features are being planned on top of what the platform currently provides. Functionalities that enable and benefit brands, product owners, influencers, and content creators are currently being developed.

Consume content that interests you

Decide what types of videos suit your palate, and view content from channels you like.

Enabling marketing for anyone

Get the most out of a marketing effort through live-streaming by directing viewers to a funnel, and retrieving statistics of the performance of your campaign.

Drive sales directly

Sell products directly from your streams. Just start listing your items and go.

Earn your keep with brands

Get rewarded when you aid brands meet their goals and targets, by streaming to your own pool of subscribers.

Create your own show

Get recognized and earn from your viewers as you build compelling and interesting streams and shows.